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Assessing the value of objects quickly and accurate. An essential skill for good operational management or when significant financial interests are at stake. Over several decades already, Noorman Assessments is the standard for reliable management information and the help and stay for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide, when it comes to assessments of material and immaterial assets within the scope of financing, utilization and take-overs.


As sworn register assessors, specialized in hoisting, lifting and excavation machinery and experts in extremely accurate appraisals of material, we daily provide consultancy services to a variety of Dutch financial institutions. We have done assignments for the Ministry of Finance, the Dutch Royal Air Force, DSM, Mammoet and Hes Beheer NV. For over 21 years we are the preferred assessor for Fortis/ABN-AMRO, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, ING and Rabobank.


Noorman Assessments is mainly active in the maritime and offshore industry, as well as construction, transfer, transport, aviation and shipping.

Together with our global network of external experts we vouch for:

  • realistic estimates, with proceeds equaling the assessed value   
  • innovative counseling, resulting in maximum yields within the available timeframe and minimal risks
  • short and orderly transaction itineraries
  • ingenuity in determination of potential markets with asset sales
  • sincerity in communication and transparent rates


Noorman - Chartered Valuations - International Negotiations


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